About Greenkeeper

Our History

The Greenkeeper product was first premiered at JSConf EU 2015 by Stephan Bönnemann and Christoph Witzko. First started as a side project, it eventually became so popular that it was commercialized. Neighbourhoodie Software GmbH eventually adopted the project and has led development until 2020, when the dependency update functionality was rebuilt as an integral part of Snyk, and the standalone Greenkeeper service was shut down.

Who we are

We are a small team of developers based in (mostly) sunny Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Our office is located in the lovely district of Kreuzberg. We are:

Greenkeeper and Open Source

Greenkeeper was first and foremost an Open-Source project. The base Greenkeeper software has always been, and will always be, Open Source. Along with that, many of the core parts of our infrastructure are also Open Source, such as greenkeeper-lockfile, our change listener, or our GitHub webhooks service. We do this because we believe that keeping our software open helps foster trust in it, as well as giving anyone the opportunity to improve it, not just us.

Our parent company, Neighbourhoodie, also has a long history with Open Source. Originally being founded around the Hoodie project, they helped set new standards for inclusivity in Open Source projects. Some of our colleagues have contributed to large Open Source projects themselves, such as CouchDB or Jekyll.