Your software, up-to-date, all the time

Writing Software is Embracing Change

Greenkeeper Makes That Change Visible

Because You Can Only Manage What You Measure

Always up-to-date npm dependencies, zero hassle

The npm ecosystem with its 240,000+ modules is a great foundation to build your software on.

Using this many modules quickly leads to a constantly changing platform and no way of knowing what changes and when.

Until you use Greenkeeper: it tracks your dependencies and applies an update to a branch for every new version coming in. Your test suite runs behind the scenes, and only if a dependency update breaks your software, we let you know in a Pull Request, including all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Automate your dependency management

You could manually track updates of your dependencies, and test whether things continue to work, but that takes a lot of time and is rarely done. Most of the time, your software is in a Schrödinger state of being potentially broken, and you have no idea until you look.

Greenkeeper takes away the chores of dependency updates, while leaving you in charge for any important decisions.

Free for Open Source

Greenkeeper is free for public repositories on GitHub. If you want to use it with private repos, there's a monthly charge. Check out our plans and pricing below. Greenkeeper works with npm, GitHub and any CI service. If you want to run Greenkeeper on your own hardware, behind your firewall, we support that too!

Who’s using Greenkeeper?

Over 3000 repos on GitHub, among them a few well-known Open Source-projects:

We use it ourselves for Hoodie, and naturally, Greenkeeper keeps itself up to date, too. If you're still on the fence: Greenkeeper is officially recommended by npm!

What Our
Users Say

In general, people really seem to like Greenkeeper.

01 How it works

Greenkeeper sits between npm and GitHub, observing all of the modules you depend on. When they get updated, your project gets a pull request with that update. Your CI tests kick in, and Greenkeeper watches them to see whether they pass. If they do, you can just click the merge button, and we'll even auto-close branches for older versions for you. If not, you can use the branch to fix things.

You’ll be amazed at how many dependency updates you’ve been missing.

Let the friendly Greenkeeper robot take all the dull work of keeping your dependencies up to date off your shoulders and, optimally, boil it all down to a single click. This is as close to fully automatic as we could possibly make it.

Why it’s so great

02 Pricing and Plans

Open Source

  • Unlimited public repos
  • 1 free private repo
  • Public queue, jobs might take a while
  • For individuals or organisations
Totally free!

We're the uncomplicated type of company: If you're unhappy during the first 30 days, you'll get your money back. And of course you can always cancel to the end of each month.

03 Getting

Three simple commands: Open your terminal, and

$ npm install -g greenkeeper
$ greenkeeper login

Your browser will open and ask you to log in to GitHub. Please do that.

Then, inside the repo you want to keep up to date, do

$ greenkeeper enable

and you’re done! Your first greenkeeper PR will arrive shortly!

Signing up for a paid plan

You sign up via the terminal, see aboveto the left. Enabling public repos is free, and you’ll be prompted to sign up for a paid plan when you try to enable more than one private repo.

If you want to sign up for any paid plan, just do

$ greenkeeper upgrade

and it will display all available options.

I’ve got more questions!

No problem, we’re here. Send us an email or get in touch via twitter @greenkeeperio.

Once you’ve installed Greenkeeper, you can always reach us via

$ greenkeeper support

There's also an FAQ.

05 Enterprise plan

You’re using GitHub Enterprise and/or npm Enterprise? No problem, we support those too.

Please get in touch with us we’ll get you set up in no time.