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Automated dependency management

Get safety & consistency with real-time monitoring and automatic updates for npm dependencies

Join thousands of others who let our friendly bot handle their dependency chores

Improves your code quality

Greenkeeper helps keep your software up to date. This eliminates many security concerns and compatibility issues, and also keeps your projects fresh and maintainable. It provides a constant drip of small, isolated updates that can be easily understood, tackled and tested.

Catches problems you would have missed

Versioning isn’t perfect or reliable: you’d expect a patch update to a dependency, for example 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, to be unproblematic, but unless you actually try it, you won’t know until it’s too late. We found that around 15% of all minor and patch updates break their dependent code, even though semantically they shouldn’t. Greenkeeper tests every single update for you, day or night, workday or weekend, so you don’t have to.

Keeps developers happy and productive

Greenkeeper automates away unpopular and time-consuming developer tasks: staying up to date with a never-ending stream of releases, and testing each one’s compatibility with your software. Greenkeeper integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, so there’s nothing new to learn, and you can save time and money with minimal overhead.

Friendly and Reliable

Greenkeeper has been around since 2015 and has thousands of satisfied users, including many well-known projects and companies. We’re an independent German SMB without external shareholder interests, so we’re in it for the long haul. If there are problems, the developers themselves provide competent and friendly support.

A Greenkeeper pull request for an in-range dependency update that breaks the build
A tiny in-range patch update that would have broken your build, even though it shouldn’t have! But Greenkeeper caught it right away.

Trusted by Thousands of Projects and Companies

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Plans and Pricing

Monthly Yearly
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Free Plan

Totally free!
  • For Open-Source projects
  • No private repos
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Personal Plan

$0 USD/month 0€/month $0 USD/year 0€/year
  • For personal GitHub accounts
  • Plus $1.50 USD1,30€ per private repo per month
  • Plus $15 USD13€ per private repo per year
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Organisation Plan

$25 USD/month 23€/month $250 USD/year 230€/year
  • For GitHub organisations
  • Includes 10 private repos
  • Plus $1.50 USD1,30€ per additional private repo per month
  • Plus $15 USD13€ per additional private repo per year
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Need more? Using GitHub Enterprise? Want to self-host Greenkeeper? No problem: Check out Greenkeeper Enterprise.

Free for Open-Source

  • Public GitHub repos are always free, regardless of which plan you have.

Save with yearly billing

  • Choose yearly billing and get 12 months of Greenkeeper for the price of 10!

Risk-free use

  • If you're unhappy during the first 30 days, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.
  • Greenkeeper only works on its own branches and doesn’t modify your code.
  • Friendly and competent online support by the developers (during EU business hours)

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What Our Users Say

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How it works

Greenkeeper sits between npm and GitHub, observing all of the modules you depend on. When they get updated, your project gets a new branch with that update. Your CI tests kick in, and we watch them to see whether they pass.

Based on the test results and your current version definitions we will open up clear, actionable pull requests or issues for you. If there’s nothing for you to do, we won’t nag you.

Let the friendly Greenkeeper bot take all the dull work of keeping your dependencies up to date off your shoulders and, optimally, boil it all down to a few clicks. This is as close to fully automatic as we could possibly make it.

Learn more about how Greenkeeper works.

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